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Holistic Dog Food




Farringford Boarding Kennels And Cattery

Shute Lane,Bruton,Somerset, BA10 0BN

And supplier of Holistic Dog Food


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Welcome to Farringford Boarding Kennel and Cattery.

Our aim is to have a Kennels and Cattery we would be happy to place our pets in.


Our main aim is to have happy, healthy Dogs and Cats, we always remind our selves and staff to treat all our

guests no less than we would our own pets.

We live at the property and we are happy to allow you to inspect our Kennels. We always suggest to look at another Kennels (not on the same day) as we are so confident that we have made a lovely environment with very high standards.

We advocate a Holistic approach to Feeding, Health Care and the well being of our own pets.

Low protein dog food


Would you like to reduce your vet bills, huge smelly stools,itchy dull coat & many more symtoms from your dog?

If you would like to have your pets in the optimum of health, please ask or visit the web sites below. Lots of other reasons to chang -take a look.

Please mention our kennels if you contact any of  the web address below.

Members of Canine Health concern



www.canine-health-concern.org.uk email Rob Ellis - Rob@Carsegray.co.uk

Holistic dog food information


Opening times:

Monday to Saturday 9.00 am-12.45pm 3.00pm-5.30pm
Sunday and Good Friday 9.00am-12.45pm
Bank holidays 3.00pm-5.30pm

We are closed outside these hours
Closed outside these hours


Tel: 01749 813474






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